Lindhurst Group

The Lindhurst Group is delivering a mixed use scheme across approximately 480 acres situated on the boundary of Nottingham and Mansfield. The scheme delivers an urban extension to Berry Hill, providing homes and new jobs to improve prospects for the whole area.

North Nottinghamshire needs new opportunities for homes and employment in addition to improving community facilities. This kind of development accommodates the growth Mansfield needs, in a desirable and authentic neighbourhood setting, combining business, leisure, education and transport needs with a wide selection of high-quality homes.

On this website you will find information about who the Lindhurst Group is and be kept up to date with latest developments on our blog section.


The Lindhurst Group has engaged a team of expert masterplanners, environmental consultants, and technical and professional development specialists who have come together to deliver this scheme for north Nottinghamshire.

Lindhurst Group is made up of:

Notts County Council

Lindhurst Jersey Ltd


Nottinghamshire County Council is committed to supporting economic growth, to make the country a better place to live and work. The Council's investment of over £34 million in the Mansfield and Ashfield Regeneration Route was a direct response to the challenges facing the local economy and it is now proving its worth, opening up land for new homes, new employment opportunities and new community facilities.

Lindhurst Jersey Ltd: a company which has significant investments in sites and developments across the Midlands. The principals have been involved in the construction industry for many years and have the experience necessary to ensure successful projects are taken forward.

W Westerman Limited: a Chilwell-based housebuilder, which has been established for almost 85 years. The firm has built exclusively in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire for the past 50 years, delivering some 1,500 homes.


Keep up to date and find out the latest news on our blog.

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