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Lindhurst is a 169 hectare neighbourhood designed to the best design principles. The development will be located to the south of Mansfield, providing new jobs and homes to improve prospects for the whole area.

What's the proposal?

The Lindhurst neighbourhood is designed to provide desirable new jobs and homes for Mansfield and neighbouring districts. Its new community services will meet some of the town's pressing need for new facilities. There will be up to 23 hectares of land for new businesses, up to 1,700 homes, a community park, shops, bus links, green routes and land allocated for a school.

Why are we doing it?

North Notts needs new opportunities for employment and homes and Mansfield must find space for a new cemetery and to improve community sports and other facilities. This kind of development accommodates the growth we need, in a way that contributes to quality of life rather than putting the area under development pressure.

Latest News

4th April 2014

Press statement from
The Lindhurst Group

On Wednesday, March 26th 2014, the Mansfield Chad carried an article about environmental campaigners lodging an appeal against the High Court Judge's decision not to allow a judicial review into the planning approval of the Lindhurst scheme. In the article, environmental activist Shlomo Dowen made a series of statements regarding Nightjars, Woodlarks and a potential Special Protection Area in the Sherwood Forest area and Harlow Wood.

Unfortunately Shlomo Dowen has fundamentally misunderstood the situation regarding the Lindhurst development and Harlow Wood. It is necessary to provide a factual response to the article, which expressed Mr Dowen's views. MORE

How you can comment?

During the public consultation we did everything we could to inform and enable debate. And our commitment didn't end in February 2010 when the Lindhurst planning application was submitted to Mansfield Borough Council. We're following it through.

We're making it easier for you to give your views direct to the planning team. To view the applicationor to make your views known to the planning department go to